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martin. >> i'm dana king. l.a. police admit that they got the wrong guy the first time. but tonight, they say they are confident they have the right suspect this time. three people are in custody in connection with the blind stow beating. joe vazquez is in los angeles with what led police to these suspects. joe. >> the police chief and mayor just wrapped up a conference here at headquarters and they were eating humble by. while they are gratified that they have made the arrests that they believe are now the correct ones, you know what? they admitted they made some mistakes. >> reporter: police made the arrest in san bernardino county. two men are in jail charged with mayhem. police also took a womb and 10-
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year-old boy into custody. 30 we'll came in helmets and s.w.a.t. guy. >> reporter: both are held on $500,000 bail. they both have violent rap sheets. according to san bernardino county court records, 30-year- old marvin norwood has been convicted of felony spousal abuse disturbing the peace and dui and drug charges. 29-year-old louis alex sanchez was convicted of spousal abuse and carrying a loaded firearm in public. stow a 42-year-old father of two from santa cruz drew heckles and threats when he wore giants clothes to a dodger game on march 31. after the game two men in dodger gear savagely beat him with a near fatal brain injury. almost two months later an lapd s.w.a.t. team arrested giovanni ramirez. the mayor and police chief announced they were sure they had the right guy.
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>> giovanni ramirez is and was and has been our primary suspect on the stow beating. i'm as sure as you need to be to make an arrest and pursue a prosecution. >> reporter: he seemed to match the police sketch and friends with stow at the game picked him out of a police line-up but ramirez's family members even his little daughter insisted he was innocent. >> i think it's not my dad and i pretty much know it's not. >> reporter: ramirez a documented gang member remains behind bars because police found he had a gun in his apartment a parole violation. as the weeks went by the case was reassigned to other detectives and the case against ramirez unraveled. the new detectives followed a new trail that led to the arrest. >> the process worked that one individual has been exonerated that two others have charges filed against them by the district attorney and one other will be pending. >> reporter: so the police chief wrapped up the news
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conference taking only a couple of questions. he said he doesn't want to release mug shots or give any information about what happened that night. tmz is reporting a few details that we haven't heard before. first of all they are saying that the two suspects were very drunk that night. they were targeting anyone wearing giants gear in the parking lot and eventually came upon bryan stow and his friends. there was a little talking back and forth and that's when the beating happened. a woman was busted for being the accomplice. she drove them away, the getaway driver. she is bailed out and free. 109-year-old boy in the car is not -- the 10-year-old boy in the car is not in any trouble at this time. >> when they arrested giovanni ramirez the police couldn't excite parade him in front of our cameras but this time they have an entirely different tactic going, very cautious. >> reporter: you get the sense there's some humility under way
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here. the fact is, they want to make it clear they don't believe they jeopardized the case by arresting ramirez and remember, they never charged him with this crime. in fact, that's what the chief said in reply to one of the questions is how do you know you have the right guys this time? the d.a. filed formal charges this time. they never did with ramirez. >> all right. in los angeles, joe vazquez, thank you. giovanni ramirez's mother says she knew police had the wrong man all along. >> very upset because they did something wrong. if you don't have any proof, why did you put the picture of him and say he is the suspect? he is the person suspect? no. that's wrong. something that's a big, big mistake that they made. >> at a news conference today, ramirez's family chastized police for jumping to the wrong conclusion. the news out of los angeles
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comes just as bryan stow's family announces signs of progress at san francisco general. according to the family's website, bryan opened and closed his eyes on command, gave what looked like a thumbs- up, and then mouthed, stow, when asked to say his last name. that said the family expects a long road ahead to recovery as well as justice. >> there's a lot of work to be done. we understand what a long road ahead it is for the lapd so we are just waiting for the legal process to take shape. >> bryan stow's condition is still listed as serious. we'll continue to post the latest developments on our website, just two days after they shouted their frustrations at san francisco's police chief, today some people in the bayview community confronted mayor ed lee. tensions are high after saturday's deadly shooting and some are skeptical about the report that the suspect killed himself.
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linda yee on the top cop's attempt to provide answers. linda. >> reporter: well, dana, that anger and frustration being felt by the bayview community is not just about the shooting itself. it's about the conditions that lead to the violence they say they have to live with including what they believe is police brutality. and they say they have had enough. [ screaming ] >> reporter: the forensics tell police 19-year-old kenneth harding shot himself. the medical examiner says the bullet found in his head was not from an officer's weapon. the police chief explains how this could be possible during the gun battle between harding and officers. >> the gun is in your right hand and you turn to fire, again, under your arm, your gun is going to be about midsternum. apparently the officer shot hid the suggestion respect in the leg so imagine if you would an instant hamstring pain pull would cause the push to lurch and the gun entered the right side of the neck and lodged behind the cheek. so i would imagine it was an
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accidental discharge. >> reporter: and it turns out police investigators still haven't found the suspect's gun. the gun that's in the video was not the gun you recovered? >> no. no. the gun -- we believe the gun in the video is a .380 nine- millimeter, a gun capable of firing the rounds found inside the body of mr. harding. >> reporter: this youtube video post claims the man in a gray striped hoodie picked up the gun. >> the person that picked up that gun in the video we believe we know who that is. and we are actively seeking him. >> reporter: but news that the suspect may have accidentally killed himself has not calmed an angry bayview community and some members confronted the mayor during a new library groundbreaking there today. >> you know me. now i'm not giving up on anything. >> i'm not saying. that but it's just not working, man. that' all. we need you to step up for us. >> the mayor was up here at the
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library at the groundbreaking and they say run, ed, run. but ed is running away from all the issues. >> reporter: bayview leaders say the problems are more deeply rooted than a shooting. it's about fixing the blight and bringing in jobs. >> if you get an opportunity for our young people to have an opportunity to make a difference in their lives and then what it does is it makes a difference in other lives. if they can see something they don't have to hang on the streets don't have to do the things that they have to do to survive. they can found out there's a better way of survival. >> reporter: residents say they don't trust the police report that the suspect shot himself and point out that crime is so common here, they dodge bullets regularly. >> come from anywhere. they shoot all the time here. you never know where it comes, now what i mean? >> the frustration you're hearing is many years of not doing what's supposed to be done out here in the neighborhood. >> reporter: and that frustration was obvious at this meeting two nights ago when the police chief was shouted down. chief greg suhr says that doesn't bother him.
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>> the bayview community has been so responsible by and large in this investigation in helping us get to the truth of the matter. >> reporter: does it frustrate you, that reaction? >> not in the least. i'm not easily frustrated. >> reporter: the chief is saying that he still plans to have meetings out there and says nothing will stop him. he will keep working. it looks like they have a lot to do. >> linda yee in san francisco, thank you. the youngest son of schwarzenegger and maria shriver is in the hospital tonight. 13-year-old christopher schwarzenegger has several broken bones and a collapsed lung. jeff nguyen on the surfing accident that landed him in intensive care. >> reporter: tonight former california governor arnold schwarzenegger and former first lady maria shriver are back in the headlines. but this time, they share a united front. today they released a joint statement saying, a few days ago, our son christopher suffered an accident at the beach. while it has been a very scary week, christopher is surrounded
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by his family and friends. he is a brave boy and is expected to make a full recovery. >> reporter: in addition, maria shriver said that she also wanted to thank the paramedics and lifeguards as well as doctors and nurses and all of the medical staff that helped to save her son. this comes after internet reports that 13-year-old christopher schwarzenegger suffered broken bones as well as a collapsed lung after being injured in the water in malibu last weekend. the injuries apparently so severe that the teen had to be hospitalized in the intensive care unit for a number of days. today we reached out to paramedics from a private ambulance company as well as l.a. county fire department but no one gave us details about what happened citing privacy laws. today the schwarzenegger children took to twitter. older brother patrick said thank you for your messages about my brother. the kid is the strongest i ever seen. keep praying. sister catherine wrote, thank you, guys, for your concern and prayers for my baby brother. he is a tough little guy and getting better. please keep praying for him. xo. reports say shriver has constantly been at her son's
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side and schwarzenegger was seen entering the hospital as recently as today. the couple thanked everyone for their thoughts and prayers and asked for respect and privacy for christopher and their family. a family that's drawn worldwide attention for the divorce and a child that the former governor fathered with an ex-employee. in malibu, jeff nguyen, cbs 5. the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy will be history in 60 days. today the president joined the joint chiefs of staff and secretary of defense ending the ban on gays serving openly in the military on the same day as formal swearing-in ceremony for defense secretary leon panetta. overturning the policy was one of the president's campaign policies. today homosexuals gathered at san francisco's lgbt center to celebrate the announcement. >> it's very hard to think of the men and women who are not with us to see this and it will
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be the fulfillment of my life to earn the uniform of an officer. [ crying ] rocha from sacramento, hopes to return to the military. and hundreds of couples are expected to wed in new york sunday when gay marriage becomes legal in that state. in new york city, clerk's offices are usually closed on the sundays but not this weekend. they will be open to host 764 weddings. bloomberg news reports new york city received more than 820 applications for the time slots. the mayor himself will be presiding over a same-sex welding on sunday at gracie mansion. one of the grooms is his chief policy advisor. it was just kind of crazy at the same time, you know, it was flowing it was things were going so fast. >> a mailman being called a hero. how he jumped into action when he saw smoke and what he did next that proves he is not just phoning it in until retirement. well, it may not be a world
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series ring but it's an unusual honor. why a giants star is attracting the attention of the fbi. and a big change for bay area water. it's something that has never been done here before. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tough cuts to the court system, as soon as tonight. we are expecting the california judicial council to announce some tough cuts to the court system as soon as tonight. the panel met in san francisco today. they are facing a $350 million budget deficit. one of the considerations on the table, scrapping a computer system slated to cost up to $2 billion to be fully installed statewide. >> i can't see that that money
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is going to be available this year or next year or the year after that. if history is any lesson, that would suggest that the technology the system is based on is going to be obsolete before there is ever adequate funding to facilitate the goal of linking all the counties together. >> earlier this week the presiding judge of san francisco's supreme court announced plans to lay off 40% of its staff an close 25 courtrooms. she is hoping to secure additional funding from the state to reduce the severity of the staff cuts. well, a normal day on the job turned into anything but for a postal carrier in the south bay. he sprang into action when he saw a woman and two small children in trouble. len ramirez in santa clara on how this postal carrier prevented a house from being destroyed and saved some lives i guess in the process, huh, len? >> reporter: exact, you never know what happens when a fire gets loose in a townhome complex like this. you know, the houses are very
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close together. it's a tight-knit community. everyone here knows their mail carrier. they know him to be a very friendly person. they may not have known that he is also a very brave and decisive man of action. danny paeste has been delivering mail in the santa clara neighborhood for most of his 27 years in the postal service. but this week fate delivered something to him a dangerous challenge in the middle of his rounds. >> i went over there and kind of saw the smoke coming out of the door and went in to take a peek and saw the fire in the kitchen. >> reporter: a teenaged nanny and two small children had evacuated this townhome after cooking oil caught fire on the stove and spread to kitchen walls. paeste told them to call 911 while he connected two garden hoses and rushed into the smoking residence. >> it was coming around the hallway, kind of like scared, got down as low as i can keep the fire from going over my
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head so i just kept hitting the fire and it finally kind of went out and then flared up a couple of times and it was coming up to the ceiling and finally i did knock it down. >> reporter: minutes later an engine crew arrived but the fire was already under control. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: today the couple hose's home was ablaze -- whose home was ablaze personally thanked him for going above and beyond. >> he had done a very brave thing by getting into the house, switching off the power, taking the water hose from the neighbor and then putting the fire out. so i'm really thankful to him. >> this is being a townhome community, if he wouldn't have done it by the time the firefighters came, they may have been a little late and other houses would have been damaged too. >> reporter: it all happened weeks before danny paeste is due to retire. >> been doing my route for 24 years. and, you know, these people i have known they ever since they moved in and so, you know, i think it was the right thing to do. >> reporter: and as if that wasn't enough for one day, what
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did he do after putting out the fire? you guessed it. >> after the fire i just delivered my mail and went like nothing happened. >> reporter: like nothing happened. well, it was a very big deal around here. , you know, the time that it took the fire en join arrive here seems like an eternity when you're right there in front of a fire and that's one of the reasons why the mail carrier says he got into action. checked with the santa clara fire department. they said that their response time from the first call to the first engine arriving here was 5 minutes, 55 seconds. which is within their normal response time range. >> i'd like to think most of the mail carriers out there would do the same thing because it was right thing to do. >> reporter: that's right. they are often the eyes and ears of a community. while people in this community most of them work, they have two jobs, you know, no one is here at home so obviously, the nanny was out of the control of the situation when that fire started. she got the kids out safely which was a great thing. but he saw that and went in and put out the fire. >> wow. better than neighborhood watch.
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all right, len ramirez, thank you. san francisco's favorite panda honored by the fbi today. the agency presented giants infirst lady pablo sandoval also "kung fu panda" he is called with an award for his support of the national child id program. sandoval has been a big advocate of child identification kits that allow parents to fingerprint and get dna samples from their children. that information can save investigators some very valuable time when trying find missing children. the second largest sailing ship in the world is docked for the weekend in san francisco. it's the naval ship esmerelda from chile. the ship is 371 feet long, it has four masts and 21 sails. it's a training ship carrying a crew of 350 some newly commissioned officers. the esmerelda is open for public tours through tomorrow at pier 27. and she leaves for vancouver on sunday. >> all ashore going ashore before sunday, then! jim bernard, going to be a nice
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weekend on the bay? >> looks like it's going to be pretty nice here for the tall ships and just about anything else. however, traveling across the golden gate that the moment, you can see the fog is back and quite dense out there. a bit of drizzle keeping the highways and byways on the damp side but the pattern is beginning to ship. we'll see a little more sunshine for the weekend. taking a look at the fog pattern right now, you will see it's cling together coast and starting to work its way through the golden gate. of course it will settle in across the bay this evening and retreat a little earlier tomorrow than it has last few days. that will leave us with some more sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures. across the region by a couple of degrees, nothing dramatic now, but we should see a warmup into the mid- to upper 80s out across the interior. we'll look for mid- to upper 70s, maybe a few low 80s in the east bay hills. and back on the peninsula, we'll be in the mid-60s range with low 60s even right at the coast. so looks like more better weather headed our way just in time for the weekend. >> all right. thank you so much, jim.
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a cutting edge treatment for burn patients that may soon help troops on the battlefield. >> plus, planning to get away? why the gridlock in congress could mean big savings on airfares this weekend. an oak,, ,,,,,,
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would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along. calling an oakley house fire early this morning suspicious. it severely burned a man . an arson investigators are calling an oakley house fire early this morning suspicious. it's severely burned a man, an off-duty police officer first spotted a bright flash and then flames coming from a home at fourth and main streets. the man who lived there escaped but is in critical condition with second- and third-degree burns. firefighters say they found butane canisters at the home. burn patients are some of the most difficult patients to
6:25 pm
treat. the first 48 hours are critical. dr. kim mulvihill reports on cutting edge technology that promises to save more lives. reporter: military burn patients from all over the world need special care to help them survive they are flown here to a research burn center. loves fluid is a major concern giving too little or too much the patients will die. >> fluid balance and graft. >> reporter: that's where this new computer system comes in. u.s. army engineers developed an algorithm that guides doctors to give the right amount of fluid. it can help much of the guesswork and human error. studies show it works. >> they did better overall. they require less fluid and the patients had a better outcome than without using the system. >> reporter: this software gives hospitals of any size the best chance of giving the right amount of fluids, coming soon a
6:26 pm
version that can be used in support of overseas operations to treat seriously burned soldiers as soon as they arrive at a field hospital. >> we are actually working on developing a mobile version of the system that can be deployed in the field for use in casualties in both iraq and afghanistan. >> reporter: dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. a controversial ad campaign for milk is yanked in california just 10 days after it first appeared. the ads poked fun at pms and how men suffer along with women. they also claim milk can help treat the symptoms. some women's groups slammed the ads as sexist. state's milk board pulled the plug. president obama says he has been left at the altar. >> they are going to have to explain to me how it is that we are going to avoid default. >> the house speaker walks out of debt talks. what happens next and why the gridlock could save you money
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on your vacation. did you hear anything? did they catch you? >> a new kind of witness protection. how it's helping bay area police crack some of the toughest cases. zapped before it even gets to the tap. what bay area drinking water is now being exposed to for the first time. ,,,, i know you're worried about making your savings last
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and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today.
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roadblock today, when president obama is saying he was left at the altar. debted talks hit a roadblock today when conversations broke down between the president and house speaker john boehner. we have a report from washington to explain what happens now. reporter: at 6:00 in the evening on friday, president obama explained failed 11th hour debt ceiling talks. he says we have now run out of time and put the blame in speaker bain's corner. >> it is hard to understand why speaker boehner would walk away from this deem and if you look at the penalty try there are a lot of republicans that are puzzled as to why it couldn't
6:31 pm
get done. >> reporter: president obama said he offered an extraordinarily fair deal to cut costs and raise revenue but said speaker boehner hadn't returned his call all day. when he did negotiations ended. that leaves less than two weeks until the august 2 deadline to raise the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling when the possibility of the government goes into default. boehner said a deal was never reached or close because of different visions for our country. >> the white house moved the goalpost. there was an agreement on some additional revenues. until yesterday when the president demanded $400 billion more which was going to be nothing more than a tax increase on the american people. >> reporter: president obama has summoned leaders to the white house at 11 a.m. on saturday morning. he says he wants them to explain how the nation is going to avoid default.
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in norway a suspected homegrown terrorist is in custody accused of two separate attacks that killed at least 17 people. in the first attack, a bomb exploded in norway and ripped open buildings in oslo. in the second, a gunman opened fire on a youth camp. 7 people died when the bomb detonated at the prime minister's office in downtown oslo. later outside of oslo at least 10 others died as a 32-year-old norwegian suspect wearing a police uniform gunned down a group of young people at a summer camp. it is the nation's worst violence since world war ii. president obama expressed his condolences to norway's people. >> it's a reminder that the entire international community has a stake in preventing this kind of terror from occurring. >> norway police say at least one unexploded device was found at that youth camp. a source close to the
6:33 pm
investigation says the suspect acted alone and is not tied to any terror group. oakland police are investigating a deadly shooting. police say that they found 39- year-old damon soriano on 84th avenue near g street in east oakland last night. this was a little after 7:00. so far, no arrests. they don't have any suspects. but christin ayers reports, it's exactly the type of case police need help with from the community. >> his body was just still there on the ground. that really, really bothered me. the body was there for a long time. oh, sorry. >> reporter: julia still breaks down when she talks about the day in june when she learned that her youngest brother, 50- year-old leo dunson, was shot and left to die in his own driveway. >> for somebody to stalk him and then shoot him in the head, this is something that's really serious. >> reporter: dunson's murder one of 60 homicides in oakland
6:34 pm
so far this year. shortly after the murder, police released this surveillance video of a man who may have been involved. julia was hopeful. >> every day you look to say, did you hear anything? did they catch him? >> reporter: weeks have passed and they haven't caught him. despite a $10,000 reward, leo's case is unsolved. >> we're absolutely seeing more crimes solved because of witnesses coming forward. [ sirens ] >> reporter: police insist despite the numbers, just 19 of the 60 homicide solved, there is a sea change happening in oakland that more neighbors are watching writing down license plate numbers and calling police after violent crimes. witness testimony has led to arrests in at least two high- profile homicides this month including the discovery of a burning body in rockridge. >> people did come forward. there's a lot of people in the community were very outraged with that heinous act and people stepped forward and provided vital information that led to the arrest of the
6:35 pm
suspects involved in that crime. >> reporter: the momentum has police unveiling a new email address. witnesses can send a tip anonymously without an officer coming to the home. julia dunson believes it's a step in the right direction but worries fear may silence witnesses to her brother's murder forever. >> is it going to just go away? is it just going to be swept underneath the rug like the rest of the cases? what's going to happen? >> reporter: that email address again is police say while this will be another tool for witnesses to use to report crime it will not address another persistent problem: witnesses backing out of court dates for fear of retaliation. in oakland, christin ayers, cbs 5. other bay area headlines now. the small plane that crashed into a medical building in watsonville two weeks ago climbed at a steep angle,
6:36 pm
rolled until it was upside-down and then nose-dived. that's according to a preliminary federal report. a family of four was killed in the crash. and the cause is still under investigation. the small segment of pg&e pipeline near the portion that exploded in san bruno also had welds defects. that's according to a newly released ntsb document. the information comes as a top pg&e official reveals to a former manager the utility probably threw out some of its pipeline records. two environmental groups are suing to keep the oakland zoo from expanding. the zoo plans to build a veterinary hospital, new animal exhibit and an educational center in undeveloped knowland park. the suit claims that the city council violated the state's environmental quality act when it okayed that development plan. question, can you taste a difference? there is a change in the tap water for the 2.5 million people in the bay area who
6:37 pm
drink the water out of the hetch hetchy reservoir. robert lyles shows us it's getting zapped. >> reporter: ultraviolet rays may perfect your tan and sometimes even take the blues away. well, now san francisco public utility is using uv light to protect your tap water. >> it works best on really clean water like hetch hetchy water. >> reporter: 300 million gallons of hetch hetchy water is what's coursing through these 16-foot-wide pipes. inside the pipes are black lights much like those popularized in the '60s. but as this demonstration suggests, these black lights pack a disinfecting punch . >> should there be something in the water it's hit with the black light so it's a treatment process that will kill microscopic organisms. >> reporter: this wasn't their idea. it was mandated because they drink unfiltered water. still it seems uv is a bold
6:38 pm
move for a region that opposes gas meters that emit signals and residents who worry microwaves and cell phones may cause problem. it's hard for some to swallow. you're adding what to the water? >> it's a ph tester. >> reporter: because marianne says her business is exposing the dangers at your tap. >> it's turning blue. >> that's right. >> reporter: so why is it turning blue? >> because there's life in the water. >> reporter: others see nothing but true blue at the tap. >> i don't trust bottled water. >> reporter: at gaylord india, they only serve san francisco tap at the table because it's all diners ask for. >> beside the wine, water. >> people like 3.5 glasses per person every day. the water. and nobody has ever complained that this water is not tasty. >> reporter: the puc says 85% of the water that reaches its customers will be uv treated
6:39 pm
and in san francisco, that number jumps to nearly 100%. >> parasites. >> reporter: but in san francisco, there is always dissent. >> research and find out exactly what you're drinking. >> reporter: in san francisco, robert lyles, cbs 5. okay. you want to get away? airline ticket prices may be about to plunge. the exact time to book and how much you can save. the final chapter for borders. everything must go. the ad promises big discounts but are you really saving money? cbs 5 consumerwatch shops around. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tonight a san jose man is behind bars caused of selling phony vacation packages. police arrested tony tron thai yesterday the owner of asia travel & tours in san jose. consumerwatch was first to investigate the story last week. police say thai accepted money
6:42 pm
from customers in the vietnamese community for travel packages with no intention of putting those trips together. he faces 39 counts of grand theft and is being held on $2 million bail. >> here's a deal you can count on. it means bad news for the faa but big savings for airline fares. >> reporter: because the senate adjourned tonight before it actually voted on the faa reauthorization bill, the agency faces a partial shutdown beginning at midnight tonight. and that means it won't be able to collect some federal ticket taxes so if you are looking to book a flight, 12:01 is the time to do it when the faa loses its that is right to collect the federal excise tax of 7.5% on each ticket and the $3.70 segment tax it charges for each leg of the flight. for instance, on a $423 ticket from san francisco to new york, you can safe nearly $40 in tax.
6:43 pm
but some airlines like u.s. airways are already planning on raising prices to compensate. in other consumer news, today is the beginning of the end for borders bookstore as the adven of ereaders and online bookstores left brick and mortar stars struggling to survive. after comparison shopping it became pretty clear why the bookstore couldn't compete. even at closeout prices up to 40%, some of borders' best sellers are as much as $15 more than the same book on amazon. prices however should continue to drop as the bookstore giant gets closer to going out of business. and one thing that's back in business, california's electric car rebate program. it was so popular it ran out of money last month. more funding has now been approved but on a limited basis. the max number rebate for hybrid and electric car buyers is dropped from 5,000 to 2500. and if you are in the market, well, you don't want to delay. there are already 500 names on the waiting list and that money
6:44 pm
is expected to go fast. >> yeah. >> a lot of people love those cars. >> yeah. >> all right. thank you. all right. this is kind of like something out of spider-man. why people were jumping off the side of a hotel instead of checking in. and it's not bedbugs. looks like we have a warmup headed your way for this week i wanted. we'll have the details for you coming up next. and the bronx was certainly g tonight... could t the clock is ticking for the nfl players. we'll have the latest on the lockout. and the bronx was certainly burning tonight. could the as handle the heat and finally beat the yankees? that's coming up in sports. ,,,,,,
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wannabe. a hundred people rappelled from the top of the spider-man, spider-man... no, that's not spider-man or a wannabe. 100 people rappelled from the top of the grand hyatt hotel in san francisco's union square today. why would do you that to a perfectly good hotel, right? it's part of a charity event that benefits special olympics of northern california.
6:48 pm
and for those curious enough, the hotel's 425 feet high, 36 stories. the last year event, they raised $100,000. >> wow. that takes a lot of guts. jim bernard in for roberta. big forecast because it's the weekend. >> it is. and as you are, the rappellers were in the sun today. we will see more of that for the next several days here through the weekend as mostly sunny skies out to the east from looking back at the bay from our mount vaca cam. we see lots of sunshine out there. however, glued to the shoreline is the low cloud deck. it will move through the golden gate as it is right now and set until across the immediate bay area. this evening it will be there first thing in the morning backing to the beach through the day to leave us with mostly sunny skies. the major weather story is the heat wave for the rest of the nation. it continues hot and humid from the rockies to the east and we are languishing under the low
6:49 pm
cloud deck, the coastal air- conditioner working. patchy fog at the coast, giving way to sunshine tomorrow afternoon, slightly warmer weekend ahead as a bit of an offshore breeze develops but that air-conditioner will keep working through the weekend and into the beginning of the week thankfully. low clouds give way to mostly sunny skies. temperatures slightly warmer tomorrow. into the mid- to upper 80s or 90s across the interior. back at the bay we'll be looking for 70s and at the beach looks like low 60s to prevail here with the morning low clouds giving way to some afternoon sunshine there, as well. and then through the week, we can expect things to reappear as far as more sunshine along the coastal sections here with temperatures warming back up again into next weekend. that's a pretty good timing for weekend plans. let's check in with kim and see what she has coming up in sports. >> all right, thanks, jim. the as struggles continue against the yankees and the giants reality show is an all
6:50 pm
access look at the world champs but we'll take you even further behind the scenes next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
the n-f-l players did no in fact fans are in suspense. >> we want football. >> that's all the fans care about. the players, they are fluid and have to reconstitute as a union but bottom line the fans just want to know when the first preseason game is and so do we. the nfl players didn't vote on the owners' proposed labor deal due to the funeral services for myra kraft the wife of the patriots owner who died earlier this week. if they can't agree to a deal by tuesday, the first preseason game would be in jeopardy. >> you know, i'm excited to go back, but, you know, that's in their hands. they know what to do. there will be football. might miss two, three games maybe. but it will be football. >> day 19 at the tour de france featured bikini man. allen, is there something missing from your wardrobe? do we need to talk about this? >> wow. >> why can't he run in heels? >> he could. another fan chased alberto contador with a syringe and nothing is funny to contador
6:54 pm
who punched the fan. roland wins the stage. schleck has the yellow jersey with a five-second advantage over his brother frank. 102 at first pitch tonight in the bronx. yankees are the only american league team. trevor cahill doesn't have a win against him and it will stay that way. nick swisher three-run homer part of a nine run inning. cahill gives up a career-high ten runs in two innings. the shortest start of his career. the yankees lead the as 14-7 in the 6th. on sunday, marlins play announcer dave van horn will be inducted into the hall of fame. that doesn't make you bulletproof according to last year's ford frick winner john miller. >> day of john miller with the san francisco giants. formerly with espn sunday night baseball. i don't want to overshadow anything or even color my thinking about congratulating you, although the ford frick award came my way last year and i remember thinking this is project a good career move
6:55 pm
anyway so i got the award and then they fired me. so anyway i'm hoping were you able also in addition to getting the award, to keep your job. i'm going to keep my fingers crossed on that one for you. >> got to love john miller. it's to say the giants are the most popular team in the bay area right now. they have sold out every home game so far this season and now fans can get even more of them every week on showtime. >> i have been embedded with him for 8 months. so we have to spend 14 hours together. if this interview goes long enough we are fight. >> reporter: they are not quite os star and felix but they are the giants odd cup. they spend nearly every waking hour eating and breathing giants baseball. >> before this started i had a girlfriend. i hope i still do. and i as of this morning talked to her on the phony still do. >> good shot at that! >> reporter: with the help of
6:56 pm
major league baseball productions, the giants are pioneering baseball's most in depth reality show. field and katz are responsible for coordinating thousands of hours of footage to an hour long episode on the cable channel showtime. >> we were very honored to be chosen. normally the east coast teams tend to get a lot of attention. >> reporter: giants brass convinced players and coaches that the constant presence of cameras and microphones wouldn't be distracting. players often at times have crews waiting for them at home. >> oh, my little man's up there. there they are. >> i think if anything they have been very polite with how they have done the interviews and the taping. we have asked permission for pretty much every -- in every instance they have asked to do it, guys say no, they are okay with t if they say yes, they do it. >> congratulations. you're in the big league. did good, kid. >> we want to be flies on the wall. we want to document the hard work that goes into it the
6:57 pm
personalities, you know, who these guys r we want to show they are not robots. >> videotape what's under my cap? no. >> reporter: the star brian wilson certainly does not fall under that category. you have been getting a little flak lately for his message and being bigger than the team. he is the first guy at the ballpark every day lifting weights, working out. there's not a harder worker in the clubhouse than him so i think that's the one thing that people don't get. >> [ bleep ] welcome. >> and now, they are pretty excited about having brian wilson because he is a nonstop walking sound bite. they have done a great job protecting the integrity of the clubhouse and they are fries on the wall because when you're there, you forget they are around to film everything. >> that takes great skill to forget that they're there. >> i don't think wilson forgets. >> he doesn't like attention. >> no. >> caption colorado, llc pi . [ male announcer ] introducing icy hot naturals with natural menthol. it's gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away fast.
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